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Common, it's 2021, we are all stressed, tired, and deserve some good news! Luckily for us, our beloved NikkieTutorials just announced the debut of her own beauty brand Nimya! Some of us grew up with Nikkie together, watching her experiment with makeup, creating iconic makeup looks, and setting trends like a boss in the past years.  Nikkie has been with us through the thick and thin. Millions of loyal fans have been asking the question of when will she be finally launching her own beauty brand for years and..... long and behold it is here! Her new beauty brand "Nimya" will be launching on September 23rd, 2021.

Let's take a closer look at Nimya's line of 5 exciting products while we holding our breath until the launch in a few short days!

BRRR BRRR Cooling Eye Stick

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Well hello there! Looks like you’ve had a rough day. No worries, BRRR BRRR Cooling Eye Stick here to the rescue. This instant depuffing cooling stick nourishes your eyes with all-natural ingredients that provide an instant de-puff and refreshing feeling. The energy drink for tired eyes, this little guy will wake you up with its refreshing caffeine pulses all around the delicate areas of your face: never over-drying or irritating. Though it's best combined with a couple of hours of sleep (we're all human, after all), it's also great for when you need an instant fix; moments before that early morning lecture or right before an important meeting. All hail the multitasking hero!

Pro tip: pop the Cooling Stick in the fridge before use for the extra "BRRR"!

The Brrr Brrr Colling Eye Stick retails for $22


Where It All Starts Cream

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Paint the town red with this moisturizing, priming all-in-one. Unleash your inner artist and declare to anyone who will listen "I have amazing skin."  It all starts with a perfect canvas. And that’s where this fabulous hybrid comes in. Apply it before makeup to prep your skin, or just wear it alone. Let’s face it: nobody wants their masterpiece smudging without warning at the most crucial moment!

With a generous mixture of skincare ingredients including glycerin, mel, and latic acid, you'll be able to create the perfect canvas for luminous skin in quick time - all without even needing an artist's paint brush.

Where it All Starts Cream Retails for $30


License To Glow Serum

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Put on your best glow and be fabulous! LICENSE TO GLOW SERUM will leave you with a bright, youthful complexion.

This brightening serum is perfect for getting the skin glowing from within. Made with pineapple fruit extract (mild exfoliant), grapefruit (antioxidant) and marula oil (hydrating and protective), it's got all of the essentials to keep your skin healthy and radiant throughout any season.

License to Glow Serum retails for $37


Set it & Forget Setting Spray

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Create a long-lasting finish with our Set It & Forget It Setting Spray. This powerhouse of a spray keeps your makeup from slipping or smudging, and optimizes wear to keep it perfect all day!

Setting Spray retails for $25


Blow Before you Go Fan

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Blow Before you Go Fan is a clever solution for those of us that use some random object to dry our setting spray :)

Blow Before you Go Fan retails for $15


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