A lip flip is a great way to add some volume to your lips if you aren’t satisfied with what Mother Nature gave you! It is a quick 10-minute procedure involving Botox (Botulinum toxin) that makes your lips look bigger and juicier. It also has a number of advantages over hyaluronic acid lip fillers, which is the more prevalent lip enhancement technique. If you are currently browsing through lip augmentation options then this procedure is certainly worth exploring. Today, I will take you through everything you need to know about a lip flip to help you figure out whether it is meant for you.


How Does A Lip Flip Work?

A lip flip procedure involves injecting up to 10 units of botox in small quantities in the upper lip around the corners of the mouth and near the Cupid’s Bow. The Botox acts as a neuromodulator that relaxes the muscles holding the lips in their natural shape. This, in turn, makes the portion of the upper lip inside the mouth flip upward and outward, creating an appearance of a fuller and plumper upper lip. In this manner, the procedure enhances the natural shape of your lips without changing the overall volume of lips. A lip flip helps those who have thin lips, gummy smile, or those who wish to achieve extra volume without dermal fillers.

The whole treatment process takes around 10 minutes and the results are visible within a week. The procedure is quite painless because your board certified dermatologist will apply a numbing agent on the injection site. Contrary to the stigma around Botox, a lip flip procedure will not make your lips stiff and difficult to move. The quantity of Botox used for the procedure is quite low, approximately 4-6 units. Therefore, it offers a subtle enhancement to the lips without making them immovable.

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The Preparation and Aftercare

To be a  good candidate for a lip flip, you need to pass similar criteria as required for filler-based procedures. The procedure is also not recommended for anybody suffering from a cold sore. Additionally, you will need to stay away from alcohol, aspirin, and other blood thinners during the days leading up to the appointment. This precaution is to minimize any swelling or bruising and to encourage faster healing after the procedure.

After getting the Botox injections, you will need to avoid smoking for a few days because smoking increases the risk of infection. The doctor will also instruct you to avoid rubbing or massaging your lips to prevent the Botox from spreading. Also, you will have to sleep on your back so that your lips do not press against your pillow. You will need to take these precautions for approximately 10 days after the procedure.


The Side Effects Of  Lip Flips

A lip flip usually does not cause any adverse reaction, but it does have some rare side effects. These include headaches, fever, and chills. An extremely rare reaction to Botox is that of Botulism. Signs of Botulism include difficulty in breathing, swallowing, or speaking. If you experience any of these symptoms or an allergic reaction after you inject botox, then you must visit a doctor immediately. To avoid any side effects, always opt for an experienced and board certified medical professional for the procedure.


The Cost Involved

A lip flip is a fairly affordable procedure due to the low volume of Botox required. One sitting will typically cost you between $50 to $500 depending on the clinic you visit. The results will last for approximately 3 months. So, you will be requiring around 4 sittings a year if you wish to retain the flip.


Lip Flip vs. Lip Lift

Do not confuse a lip flip with a lip lift! The former is a  minimally invasive procedure with minimal risks and zero downtime. A lip lift, on the other hand, is a cosmetic surgery that is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon under sedation. It involves lifting the tissue under the nose and above the lips, to make the lips look fuller. You will need to wear a bandage for at least a day after a lip lift and will need a follow-up appointment after a week. You also cannot wear makeup for a few weeks after getting this surgical procedure and may not be able to do certain activities too. Hence, a lip flip is a much more convenient option for someone who is looking for quick and easy lip augmentation.

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Lip Flip vs. Lip Fillers

To the uninitiated, a lip flip and a lip filler may sound quite similar as both are non-invasive procedures. However, there are many differences between the two techniques. Let us list down a few of the stark differences between the two procedures.

  • A lip flip uses Botox injections to enhance the natural shape of the lips. On the other hand, lip fillers involve injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid fillers that help to achieve poutier lips by increasing lip volume.
  • A flip enhances the lips in a subtle manner, whereas lip fillers significantly augment the lips. With fillers, you can change and customize the shape of your lips.
  • The results of a lip flip are relatively short-lived and last for about 90 days. The results of lip fillers last longer, up to 1 year in some cases.
  • Flips are usually more affordable than lip fillers.

As you can see, both the procedures are quite different. So, if you want a drastic change in the way your lips look, lip fillers are probably the way to go. For a subtle change, a lip flip is more suitable. Also, since in most patients the botox tend to reverse faster, it is a better option in case you are still testing the waters of lip augmentation. In some cases, the doctor can combine a lip filler and flip to give you the desired full effect. Consult a skilled medical professional to understand which procedure will work the best for you.



A lip flip is a cosmetic procedure in which a doctor injects a fine amount of Botox to the wrinkles in your upper lip to make it appear fuller. The treatment is a fast, in-room cosmetic procedure that often lasts approximately 10 minutes to an hour. There’s minimal downtime, pain, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately after surgery.

One procedure will cost you anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on how much Botox you will need.

It is recommended to wait for a couple of days after you get your lip flip.

Lip flip gives you an illusion of fuller lips when Lip Filler actually creates fuller lips.

In conclusion, lip augmentation can be a pricey and risky procedure, but lip flip is the safer and more affordable solution for those looking to enhance their lip shape or volume. If you’ve done this before, let us know what your experience was like in the comments below!