If you have thick or frizzy hair (or you just want smooth locks every day with no effort), the chances are that you’ve heard of a Brazilian blowout.

Suitable for all different types and textures of hair – even fine hair – it’s the perfect way to ditch frizz, add shine and protect hair from humidity. Plus, it gives you back the time you would usually have spent trying to tame your tresses.

What is a Brazilian blowout?

A Brazilian blowout is a hair treatment that uses liquid keratin formula to bond to your hair and create a protective layer. This seals the cuticle, stops frizz and protects against external damage. The treatment uses ingredients that are commonly found in Brazil – camu camu, annatto seed and açai berry – to boost hydration and shine.

If you want your Brazilian blowout to straighten your hair, then your stylist will also run a flat iron through your hair to set it straight. If you want to keep your hair curly, just without the frizz, then let your stylist know. They can then work with your hair’s texture, whilst still keeping frizz at bay.

It’s an easy, mild treatment to have on your hair and it doesn’t cause damage. The aftercare is pretty minimal too. Your stylist just rinses the product out of your hair and you’re good to go.

You may find salons calling other similar treatments a Brazilian blowout, but this isn’t always the case so do your research and make sure that you’re actually getting what you pay for. The aftercare can be completely different for the various types of straightening treatments on offer so it’s best to be certain.

What are the benefits of a Brazilian blowout?

Many people choose to have a Brazilian blowout to either save time on styling, save money on salon visits for regular blowouts or other treatments, and to just make hair more manageable. Often with frizzy, curly, or coarse hair it can be difficult to get salon-like results at home without spending lots of time and effort (and sometimes the end result can leave you wondering why you bothered).

The pressure is on to look groomed, but as everyone tends to be busy, saving time, money and effort whilst still looking great and keeping your routine as low maintenance as possible is certainly appealing!

Here are the main reasons why people are choosing to have a Brazilian blowout in salon:

  • Removes frizz
  • Hydrates hair
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Hair is easier to style and saves time
  • No heavy aftercare required (again, saving you time)
  • Can straighten hair, if that’s what you want – if not, you can keep your curl pattern, just without the frizz that comes with it

Its suitability for different hair types, quick treatment time and low aftercare needs are also a few reasons why this treatment has grown in popularity against other types of straightening/frizz reducing hair treatments.

Is a Brazilian blowout safe?

It’s safe for all hair types, even if you’ve colored your hair (it might actually help your color to look more vibrant). As with most of these types of hair treatments, it does contain a small amount of formaldehyde to modify the proteins in your hair, but this is comparable to the amount of formaldehyde that’s in a bottle of nail polish.

If your hair struggles with heat, mention it to your stylist so they can go a little easier with the flat irons.

What happens during a Brazilian blowout treatment?

The stylist shampoos your hair three or four times to remove any product and create a fresh base for the treatment. The Brazilian blowout formula is then applied to your hair in sections from root to tip and blow-dried smooth. If you want your hair straightened, your stylist will then heat a flat iron to 450 degrees to seal it straight. The treatment is then rinsed out and a deep conditioning mask is adding to your hair. Then it’s another smooth blow dry. And that’s it!

Most treatments take around 60-90 minutes. If your hair is super thick, it might take a little longer, but not a ridiculous amount – there’s no sitting in the stylist’s chair for days with a Brazilian blowout (which is exactly the point of getting the treatment for lots of people – to save time, effort and cash)!

How long does a Brazilian blowout last?

Unlike other treatments, a Brazilian blowout doesn’t really “grow out”. The product wears off and your hair returns to its natural state (usually around the hairline first – although it isn’t like a perm where it’s noticeably completely different), at which point you can choose to book in and have your treatment redone.

It usually lasts around three to four months, as long as you don’t use products that contact sulfates and chlorine. If you’re someone who doesn’t need to wash their hair as often as others, you could even get longer out of the treatment.

Brazilian blowout aftercare

Unlike other similar treatments, like keratin straightening, you don’t need to be as particular after your Brazilian blowout treatment. You don’t need to avoid heat or steam, be careful with how you style your hair or worry about washing/tying it back for days after your treatment – great news, as a Brazilian blowout is actually great for protecting your hair from humidity and styling damage.

As the treatment just rinses out, once you’re dried out your’re good to go and just carry on as normal. The only thing you need to be mindful of is avoiding products that contain sulfates and chlorine. The great news is that you can wash or style your hair as soon or as long after your treatment as you like.