Our nose shapes are something that a lot of us are not satisfied with. This is why rhinoplasty, aka a nose job, is one of the ten most common plastic surgeries in the world. However, what if I told you that your nose shape is an indicator of your personality? Would you still want to alter it? Yes, according to face readers, our nose shapes reveal a lot about our personality in our 40’s. Isn’t this intriguing? Some cultures also believe that your nose can indicate how much success you will achieve in your life! Do keep on reading to find out which nose shape you are and what it says about you!

Large Nose Without A Bump On The Bridge

If you have a moderately large nose without a bump on the bridge, you are most likely a perfectionist with a powerful personality! However, as you always crave perfection, you are often too critical towards yourself. So, try to be mindful about not burning yourself out in the quest for perfection! You are extremely talented and should be proud of it!

Large Nose That Is Slightly Plump

If you have a nose that is on the plumper side, you are someone who knows how to enjoy their life to the fullest! Chances are that you have accumulated wealth and belongings all your life and will acquire some more assets in your 40’s. You have a happy go lucky attitude towards life and spread positivity wherever you go! The world could do with more cheerful people like you!

Large and Bony Nose

If you have a bony nose that is larger in proportion to your other facial features, then you are a perfectionist who likes to be in charge! Your bony nose indicates that you can sense people’s energies with ease, which can be exhausting sometimes. Also, you take a while to let go of things. The location of the bump on your nose (top, middle or bottom) will indicate which part of your 40’s will be a powerful time in your life!

Small Nose

If you have a small nose, then your 40’s are neither going to be too great nor too bad! You are someone who believes in working smartly and isn’t necessarily a perfectionist. You are efficient and laid-back at the same time and do not have the constant urge to be in control. However, you can get annoyed at the large-nosed people who are obsessed with perfection!

Petite Nose

If you have a petite nose with soft and rounded edges, then you are someone who is kind and affable! You will have to face some struggle in your 40’s but will emerge victorious from this phase. You also love to enjoy life to the fullest and dream to have a happy family life.

Medium-Sized Nose Without Any Bumps

Those with a medium-sized nose are achievers and will have a positive time in their 40’s. If you fall into this category, chances are that you can achieve your goals in life with ease. Also, you are proud of all your accomplishments as you should be!

Hooked Nose

If you have a nose that hooks downward at the tip then you may have a bit of a rough time towards the end of your 40’s. You will need to slow things down during this period, otherwise, things may seem a little stormy. Just let time run its course and don’t try to push yourself too much!

Nose That Tips Upwards

If you have a nose that tips upwards at the end then you are a sentimental person who values experiences with loved ones over material pleasures. You are supremely kind and also get rewarded for your generosity. You have nothing to worry about because you will have a powerful end to your 40’s.

Cleft Nose

If you have a cleft nose, or a nose with an indentation at the tip, then you are vulnerable and open-hearted! You trust people easily and may get hurt sometimes as a consequence. You may have to face a rough patch in your life towards the end of your 40’s but things will get better soon!

Crooked Nose

If you have a crooked nose, be it from birth or due to an accident, your 40’s are going to be a tough time for you. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! You will emerge out of this phase with more strength and wisdom than before, so don’t let this prediction bog you down!

Nose Shapes With A Rounded Tip

If you are someone with a rounded, bulbous tip to your nose, then you are someone who loves to indulge in pleasures. The last part of your 40’s will be a great time for you and you will achieve a lot of your goals. You are someone who seeks pleasure without worrying about the repercussions, so be a little careful about that!

Horizontal Dent Before The Tip

If your nose has a horizontal line or dent right above the tip, then it is an indicator of a major change in your life. Something life-changing, be it a divorce or a career switch, will happen towards the end of your 40’s. This change can either be for the worse or for the better, so don’t lose hope!

Nose Shapes With A Pointed Tip

If you have a nose with a pointed tip, then you are curious by nature. You are also a fun-loving and chirpy soul who makes for an enjoyable company! You tend to be curious about others’ private lives. Try not to annoy your friends by being too inquisitive!

How Wealthy Do Your Nostrils Say You Will Be?

Just like the different nose shapes speak about your personality and life, your nostrils reveal how you are with money! If you have larger nostrils that are visible when you look straight ahead then you will have a difficult time holding on to your wealth as you tend to spend easily. If you have tiny nostrils then you will accumulate wealth as you don’t like to spend much. Do your nostrils lie somewhere in the middle? If yes, then you will spend a little and save a little. Do your nostrils tell the truth about you?

I am sure we all meet all these personality types and nose shapes in our lives. Perhaps this article will help you understand them better! Also, which nose shape are you? Are you a perfectionist with a large nose or a kind soul with a tiny nose? Well, now that you know what your nose says about you, love it a little bit more! After all, it could be the defining factor for your 40’s!