Look no further than pastel pink hair for a fun makeover. It’s one of the prettiest hair hues out there, and it’s a trend that will outlast the season. With all its variations, this bubblegum shade can suit different hairstyles and personalities. It’s hard to go wrong! Have you always wanted to rock pastel tones, but you’re not sure how to pull it off? We’ve got you covered. Read on below for our tips, from picking out the right shade to styling your new-colored tresses.

The pastel pink process

Take your pick

When it comes to dyeing your hair, there are many factors from simply choosing a color. To achieve the pastel pink hair of your dreams, it helps to know exactly the color you have in mind. Similar to dyeing your hair in any other color, pastel pink can have different hues, tones, and saturation. Do you want an ombre or just one shade? Are you after something more short-term or more permanent? Once you have this down pat, it’s hard to be disappointed with the result.

Leave it to the pros

To get the perfect pastel pink hair, you’ll need a blank canvas to get true pastel tones. If you have dark-colored hair, you’ll need to use hair color bleach before applying a pastel pink color. This step is best left to the professionals, as doing it at home can cause damage to your hair. Once you’re ready to start coloring, pick up good-quality DIY hair color kits or book an appointment with a hairdresser. Although the latter may be more costly, you’re more likely to end up with a better and longer-lasting color. Plus, they will make the effort of taking good care of your hair!

Don’t underestimate the power of good prep

As mentioned earlier, you may have to go through a bleaching process for the ultimate pastel pink hair. Bleach is potent and can often damage your locks. You can reduce the damage by prepping your hair as much as you can before the color treatment. Hydrate your hair and scalp with oils, spend less time with hot styling tools, and use a deep conditioning mask. If you have light-colored hair and don’t require bleaching, it still helps to prep. It can keep your hair from becoming too dry or brittle.

Spend some time on it

Remember that bleaching your hair to get that blank canvas is permanent, whereas the pink color isn’t. Once you get your dream color, the process doesn’t stop there. Maintenance is just as important to keeping your pastel pink hair in check. Keep in mind that pastel shades can fade quicker than other colors, so this step is key. Make time for touch-ups at your go-to salon, especially if you want the color for long term. It’s more cost efficient than having to dye it again from scratch. A regular hair trim is also a good way to care for your pastel pink hair. Trimming keeps your hair free from split ends, which can cause more damage. 

Caring for your pastel pink hair

In addition to maintaining your hair professionally, you can do various things at home to protect your new pink locks. Avoid rinsing your hair in hot water. The heat opens up hair cuticles, which releases the color pigment from the hair. However, this doesn’t mean you have to take uncomfortable cold showers! You can rinse your hair in cold water at the end of your shower to preserve the color longer.

On the topic of shower routines, it pays to use hair products suited for your new color. Swap your current shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment for ones that are specifically made for color-treated hair. This small step ensures your new fun hair color will last. Try these products on for size: [insert color-treated hair products].

Of course, it’s almost impossible to stay away from styling tools. We’re definitely not saying you should! Just make sure to use a heat protectant before using your favorite curling irons or hairdryer. Try using [insert heat protectant product].

How to style pink tresses

It’s only natural to want try on hairstyles that will make your new hair color pop. Here are some styles that will complement your new locks.


Who loves a good braid? It’s a practical way to get your hair out of your face while still looking cute. It looks even cuter on pastel-colored hair! To step up your braid game, go for a fishtail or Dutch one. Have a look at how to do these here [link to tutorial]. Bringing your hair up and around in a braid will add some dimension to your pastel color.


There are two types of bun-heads: the perfectly messy or polished ballerina. Either one of them would suit your new pastel-colored tresses. Editor’s tip: pink ombre hair would shine in a bun. The separation of the bun from the rest gives the illusion of two types of pink.  


Are you going for the carefree, beachy girl look? Soft, loose waves will go hand-in-hand with the romantic vibe that your pastel pink hair radiates. Use a sea salt spray to enhance natural waves and increase that ripple effect. Otherwise, apply a heat protectant and use a wide-barreled curling iron to replicate loose waves. Give it a comb through to soften the look. ­


Your light pink locks would juxtapose well with an “I woke up like this” edgy style. To get this look, use a hair putty or wax to create textures in your undone hair. If your locks need help, go into sections of your hair with a straightening iron and twist to create deep bends. Editor’s tip: twist the ends of your hair to enhance the piece-y look. Finish off with a texture spray.

Achieving something as pretty as pastel pink hair is no easy feat. It can look intimidating, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair color by more than two shades. Despite its time-consuming process, we think your hard work will all worth it in the end. Besides, you’ll get to take more killer selfies! Who doesn’t want that?