Tired of applying and removing false lashes every day? Too lazy to slap on mascara before your next Zoom meeting? If so, eyelash extensions were made for you! Read up on everything you need to know before heading out to your appointment.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

In short, eyelash (or lash) extensions are fibers that are applied to your natural lashes strand by strand. They’re usually made from synthetic fibers meant to resemble mink lashes. Because lash extensions are applied to your real eyelashes and not just the skin, they grow out naturally. Plus, your lash technician can customize your extensions to fit your eye size and shape perfectly. A standard set of eyelash extensions usually includes 70 to 100 lashes per eye.

Lash extensions are semi-permanent, so you don’t have to worry about taking fake eyelashes off every night before bed!

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

If you take care of your lash extensions, they could last up to 6 weeks before they start shedding! The best way to extend the longevity of your lash extensions is by going in for refills every 2-3 weeks. This will ensure that there are no gaps in between your lashes so they stay looking fresh for as long as possible!

How Much Do Lash Extensions Cost?

It really all depends on the experience your lash technician has, but it usually ranges anywhere from $100-$500 plus tip. If you plan on keeping up with your lash extensions, you will have to go in for refills as they start to fall out. Refills can cost between $50-$165 depending on how many lashes you need to be replaced.

While lash extensions can be pricey, if you’re someone who wears falsies often, they’re totally worth it. Not only do they look like real lashes, but they also last much longer than traditional false eyelashes.

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

This one’s tricky. While lash extensions won’t harm your skin or damage your lashes alone, damage can occur if the lash extensions are applied or removed improperly.

If a lash technician applies extensions that are too heavy or dense, it can actually result in traction alopecia (which is hair loss caused by hair being pulled in the same way for a long time) of the eyelashes. This usually doesn’t occur for a long time though so don’t worry, you won’t lose all of your eyelashes after one botched application.

To help avoid this, make sure you’re going to a certified lash specialist and don’t be afraid to take breaks in between sets. This will give your natural lashes some time to breathe without the extra weight of extensions.

It’s also possible to pull out your natural lashes when trying to remove the extensions if you’re not careful.

How Do I Prepare for An Eyelash Extension Appointment?

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time? Here is how to prepare and what to expect during your appointment.

Remove all makeup. Before going in for your appointment, make sure you remove all eye makeup with an oil-free cleanser. Also, avoid applying moisturizers or sunscreens around the eye area as any oils can cause the extensions not to stick as easily.If you wear contacts, remove them before the appointment to avoid possible irritation.

Shower before you come. While it may sound strange, you’ll probably want to clean yourself before coming to your appointment. This is because you should avoid contact with steam and water as much as you can for the first 24 hours after your eyelash extensions are applied.

Yes, it takes a while. When getting lash extensions, don’t expect to be in and out in a pinch. Because the lash stylist is applying 70-100 individual lashes to each eye, each appointment usually takes around 2 hours or more. Just think of it as time to unplug and relax.

Everything is totally customizable. Make sure you talk to your lash technician about the shape and length you’re going for. Since each lash is individually placed, this allows the technician to trim and shape each lash as needed.

The Dos and Don’ts of Lash Extension Care

If you want to extend the life of your lash extensions, the first step is proper care.

Do avoid exposure to moisture as much as possible. Constant steam and water loosen up the glue used for lash extensions. Don’t worry though, you can still shower and swim.

Don’t wear mascara over your lash extensions. Applying mascara onto your lash extensions means removing it at the end of the day which can cause breakage of your real eyelashes. It can also cause the extensions to start falling out prematurely from the makeup remover.

Do go to your lash specialist every 2-3 weeks for refills. If you go too long in between getting refills, you may have to get an entirely new set. This will cost you more time and money.

Don’t use an eyelash curler. Although it’s tempting, using an eyelash curler on your extensions cause rip them out! Ouch.

Do groom your lash extensions. Make sure to occasionally brush out your lashes using a spoolie to keep them looking fluttery.

Don’t use any oil-based cleansers or makeup removers. Oil-based cleansers break down the lash glue and will loosen up your lashes making them fall out.

How Do I Remove Lash Extensions?

If you’re ready to remove your lash extensions, it’s probably best to go to a professional. But if you can’t make it to your salon, you can remove the lash extensions at home—just be extremely careful to not rip out any of your natural lashes or pull too hard at the skin.

Here are a few tips to removing your lash extensions at home:

  • Try taking a hot shower or apply a warm rag to your eyes to loosen up the eyelash extensions.
  • If you have leftover extensions that just won’t budge, gently rub an oil-based cleanser (like the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil) over your eyelashes in a circular motion. This will also aid in loosening up those stubborn lashes.
  • If all else fails, use a professional-grade lash remover. Because the glue used for eyelash extensions is similar to superglue, you need to use a remover that won’t damage your real lashes while also dissolving the glue. Kiss’s Falscara Eyelash Remover is a great option.