As someone who loves trying out different hairstyles, it’s really intimidating to get faux locs.

The commitment it needs for that level of hair beauty isn’t really for everyone. Because what if you get bored of your hairstyle and want to switch it up for the nth time? The good news is that you can absolutely have the style and the look of locs without having to worry about dealing with commitment.

Let’s talk about faux locs and why is it a 100% pure genius.

What are locs?

Before we get to business, let’s talk about locs first.

Locs are a type of hairstyle that’s screams and looks high-maintenance. It involves sectioning your hair into small segments and twisting and braiding them permanently. Your hair then grows into it, becoming a distinct permanent look.

Let’s say you’re trying out to get the hairstyle through the permanent way. The overall process will take you anywhere between 18 to 24 months —that is if you’ve done them the right way. There are five different stages of this hairstyle: starter, budding, teen, mature, and rooted.

Why should you consider getting faux locs?

Having real locs is one huge deal of a commitment. It’s not like you can go to your loctitian, have them twist your hair into a starter loc style and call it a day. It takes a high level of care and a long time to do it the right way.

Not to mention that if ever you decided that you don’t want to have locs anymore, it’s a struggle to redo it.

But what if you want to try out locs just to switch things up or have them for a special occasion? Well then, faux locs are your best bet.

Basically, when you have faux locs, instead of your natural hair going through that intense braiding and twisting, it’s your extensions that are going to be loc’d. There are two ways that you can do install loc’d extensions to your hair. First is braiding your natural hair then incorporating the extensions into it. Second is crocheting the extensions to your natural hair (on cornrows) done with a latch hook.

Both methods are foolproof ways to get faux locs installed. But if you want the best and natural result, we say go for the first option. That way, your natural hair, and extensions are well-mixed together to create a seamless look. However, this can take hours to do. Typically at least five hours depending on the length of your hair.

But if you’re not willing to sit still on a chair for a long time, you can go with the crocheted option.

Do You Need A Specific Type Of Hair For Faux Locs?

When it comes to choosing your hair extensions, it’s the general rule that you get the closest texture and look with your natural hair. But when it comes to faux locs, it’s a little bit different.

It’s best to choose the hair extension that has a coarse texture —not those typical straight extensions that people get. If you have a bit of budget to splurge on, you can opt for human hair which will make your locs look even more natural. But if not, synthetic hair will work just fine.

How Much Does This Hairstyle Cost?

Let’s start with the extensions itself. Synthetic hair is obviously a budget-friendly option. Three packs of synthetic hair for locs go for around $12 while human hair for the same amount goes for about $75.

As for the installation, it really depends on your location and your loctitian. Plus the length and the thickness of your hair and faux locs. But it’s not really that expensive. It’ll cost you anywhere between $150 to $300 for a professional appointment.

They Say That Locs Cause Hair Damage —Is That True?

Any hairstyle that you try, when done wrongly, will lead to some sort of hair damage one way or another. When it comes to faux locs, it will certainly damage your hair if it’s not done in a way that’s compatible with your natural hair.

One aspect of this is the weight. If you have too much extension on and the faux locs are way too heavy, it’ll cause tension which will eventually lead to breakage. So make sure that when you’re getting your faux locs for the first time, go to a loctitian and follow their advice on how long and thick your faux locs can go.

To prevent any future damage when you have your faux locs on, make sure that your natural hair is as healthy as possible. Faux locs can be pretty drying for your hair because it adds additional layers to it so go the extra effort of keeping your hair extra moisturized.

How Long Can You Keep Them?

When it comes to faux locs, you don’t want your natural hair to grow out and into them because it’ll cause damage. So it’s safe to keep your locs for up to six to eight weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Can You Wash Faux Locs?

Obviously, you shouldn’t skip the shampoo and conditioner for six to eight weeks just because you have your faux locs on. So yes, you can absolutely do your normal shower routine.

Compared to real locs, faux locs are much easier to take care of. Just wash them with a sulfate-free shampoo and let them dry naturally. That means draining your hair gently on your towel and letting it be to air-dry. If you get faux locs very often, you can invest in a hooded dryer.

Make sure that you take extra attention to your scalp and natural hair. Keep your roots well-hydrated so it won’t be damaged from the faux locs. You can use coconut oil or castor oil for this.

Locs are supposed to be a natural style that’s bound to frizz. It’s just made that way. But if you want to keep that frizz to a minimum, you can use products containing shea butter to smooth your strands and improve your natural hair health.