If you’re a woman, chances are you love getting all dolled up every once in a while for something like a wedding, a night out, or another special event. Going all out with the new dress, new shoes, and most importantly, the false lashes.

Lashes can truly make the biggest difference when it comes to your appearance. But what about when you want to look your best every day? Putting on false lashes every day can take up so much unnecessary time in the mornings (not to mention the toll it takes on the health of your lashes, yikes!) and something like lash extensions can get really expensive really fast because they are so addicting! You have the intention of getting one full set and that’s it… next thing you know you’ve got your next three fills booked. Plus, who has time to sit with their eyes closed for an hour and a half every two weeks for the refill? Certainly not anyone I know. So then, what’s the solution? Simple answer; lash lifts!

What Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. A chemical solution is placed onto your eyelashes with a curling rod to make them semi-permanently curled upwards. Before the actual lash lift treatment, typically you meet with your lash gal for a consultation to determine what style of curl you’d like. After you decide, the treatment can begin!

Remember, especially because this process involves chemicals, it should always be performed by a licensed professional. Essentially, you get curled lashes without the need for an eyelash curler every morning. This is especially helpful for those of us who have to deal with our lashes not being able to hold a curl because they’re so darn straight. If you want a more dramatic perm, professionals recommend that you use a lash growth serum to enhance the thickness of your natural lashes before the lash lift treatment.


How Much Do They Cost?

Of course, it depends on your lash therapist and location, but typically a lash lift can cost anywhere between $100-$150. It’s recommended by most professionals to get a touch up every 8 weeks or so to ensure your lashes stay lifted and curled. Because of the natural cycle of your lashes, the new growth needs to be permed at around the 2-month mark so that there aren’t too many of your lashes that are unpermed.

What Exactly is the Lash Lift Process?

First, gel patches are placed underneath your eyes so that your lash tech can see each and every one of your lashes. Next, your lashes are cleaned to make sure you have the cleanest canvas possible before the solution is applied. After that, a silicone mold is placed on your eyelid and the perming solution is applied, while your lashes are brushed upwards and a small curling rod is placed onto the lashes to hold the curl while the solution sets. The solution is usually sitting on your lashes for about 12 minutes, and then a neutralizer is applied to end the process. At the end of your lash lift appointment, a conditioner is applied to lashes to nourish and condition them. The whole process takes about an hour from start to finish.

Are Lash Lifts Right for Me?

If you’re tired of curling your lashes every morning but still want to look put together with minimal effort, lash lifts are definitely the way to go. The upkeep is very minimal,and the price tag doesn’t reach a very high point, considering you don’t need to book biweekly fills as you do with lash extensions.

How Do You Maintain a Lash Lift?

Much like lash extensions, the first 48 hours after getting a lash lift is very important. It’s crucial that you do not expose your lashes to steam, water, or makeup until after the 48-hour mark. If you fail to do this, you could compromise the integrity of your lash lift. After 48 hours, you can treat them the exact same way you would treat your normal lashes! You can rub your eyes, wet your lashes, and apply mascara to them. That’s the best part about lash lifts, they’re extremely low maintenance! There are some situations that can cause the lift to drop or weaken before it’s supposed to (such as harsh heat or excessive chlorine exposure) and in this case, you can typically go in for a touch up no less than 4 weeks after the initial treatments. This is because although lash lifts aren’t damaging to your lashes, strong chemicals are being used. So,it’s smart to wait at least 4 weeks before re-perming your lashes so that you do not cause unnecessary fragility. You should also condition your lashes every night with coconut or castor oil to maintain softness and encourage growth.

You Can Also Add on a Lash Tint.

Most lash technicians who offer lash lifts also offer lash tinting. Lash tinting is a great add on to lash lifts because it eliminates the need for your daily mascara routine. Lash tinting is basically just what it sounds like; tinting your lashes so that they are darker and look fuller. Lash tinting lasts for about three weeks and costs $50-$80. This is a great option if you’re going on vacation and want the lowest maintenance possible while still looking picture perfect. Expect the Question “Where do you get your lashes done??”Once you have your lash lift (and possibly tint!) there’s no doubt you’ll be getting compliments left and right. If you post a pic on your Instagram, make sure to tag your lash technician to show her some love! Be prepared to share their IG handle when people ask where you got your lashes done, I can’t even tell you how many times people have asked me on the spot to give them my lash lady’s phone number. So, make sure you’re prepared for all the attention you and your new lashes will get!