Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how their lashes look so perfect? They look long and wispy, without any trace of mascara or false eyelash glue. If you’re wondering how they got that look, chances are they have eyelash extensions. This trend has really taken off in the last few years, with celebrities and beauty gurus endorsing it as well.

But what actually are lash extensions? Are they worth the money and upkeep? We’re here to answer all the questions you have, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

First of all, eyelash extensions should only be done by a professional. Certified lash technicians undergo extensive training in order to be qualified to apply lash extension to their clients. Because you’re working with such a delicate area, you definitely want someone who knows what they’re doing!

Let’s talk about the process of lash extensions. Before the process begins, you will typically discuss the length, fullness, and style you’d like your extensions to be. Then your artist will be able to determine the technique they will use to give you your desired look. Then the process can start!

First, your artist will apply white under eye patches so that they can see all your individual lashes. Once they are applied, your artist will start assessing your eyelashes to determine how much length and weight your eyes can healthily maintain. If this isn’t done, you can run the risk of damaging your natural lashes and stunting their growth.

After the assessment is complete, your lash artist will begin applying false individual lashes to every single one of your natural ones. Because of this tedious process, your appointment can last upwards of 2 hours. At the beginning, it can feel somewhat awkward or uncomfortable because you’re probably not used to someone working on your eyelashes. But once you become accustomed to it, you’ll probably end up falling asleep!

Depending on the style you choose, your first full set lash appointment can run you anywhere from $100-$175. After your initial appointment, you’ll need to go on every few weeks for a fill. This is because as your natural lashes fall out, the extensions do as well. So once you start to  see gaps in your lashes, it’s time for a fill! Fill appointments can cost about $50-$80 each time.

Lash Extensions: The Pros

One of the amazing benefits of eyelash extensions is that they are totally customizable. Lash artists usually offer three main styles: classic, hybrid, and volume. The classic style is the most natural and subtle looking out of the three, perfect for anyone who is just looking for a boost to their natural lashes. The volume style, on the other hand, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This show stopping style is perfect for those of you who want the dramatic false lash effect. If you wear more glamorous makeup on the regular, this style is for you! In the middle, we have the hybrid lash style, which is a blend of classic and volume. If you want full, fluttery lashes but still want them to look natural, you’ll probably want to go with the hybrid.

Even though artists offer these three styles, there is still so much room for customization. Your artist will still ask you about length, curl, and thickness so that you can be confident you’ll be getting exactly what you want. You can also show your artist an inspo photo to see if that style can be achieved with your lashes.

If you’re tired of putting on mascara or false lashes every day, you’ll definitely think lash extensions are worth it. You can usually go 2-3 weeks between your lash fill appointments, so the upkeep is pretty minimal. This is perfect for those of you with a busy schedule!

Lash Extensions: The Cons

Unfortunately, there are a few cons you should consider before getting lash extensions. First off, they can definitely get a little pricey. Between just your initial appointment and your first fill, you could be looking at a $250-$300 bill. If this is in your budget, awesome! If not, you may want to go with a more affordable lash option, such as a lash lift.

Another con to think about is you can’t let your lashes be in contact with any of your skincare products. Especially if they contain oil, your lashes will fall out because of the erosion of the glue that oils cause. So you have to be extremely careful when washing your face and doing your daily skincare routine. Although this can be a bit of annoyance, after a while you do get used to it.

What You Should Know

If you’re on the hunt for a lash artist, chances are you’ll come across salons that offer extensions for a noticeably low price. This budget-friendly option can seem tempting, but don’t give in! Most of the time, when the price seems too good to be true, it’s because the artist is not using a safe technique.

A very common technique we see is artists using cluster lashes. This is when multiple individual lashes are glued together and then applied to your natural lashes. This is extremely unhealthy because of the weight being put onto your eyelashes, and over time it will cause them to fall out. So please play it safe and go with a reputable lash artist!

If you’ve decided lash extensions are for you, there’s a few things you should know for after your appointment. Tip number one: do not get your lashes wet or exposed to steam for the first 24 hours. This means showering is a no-no until the 24 hours have completely passed. If you get your lashes wet before the glue has cured, you run the risk of having all the extensions fall out.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s very important to comb your lashes with a spoolie every day. Your lash tech will usually provide a few for you at every appointment. This ensures your lashes will remain beautiful and separated with no tangling or unnecessary shedding!

Your artist will usually recommend a specific lash cleanser that you should be using morning and night. If you don’t cleanse your lashes regularly, you will most likely collect build-up on your lash line. That will cause your lashes to shed prematurely, and your lash artist will not be happy with you! So it’s best to stay safe and implement lash cleansing into your daily routine.