Last extensions have become an essential part of many women’s beauty routines. As they’re designed to be semi-permanent you might wonder how to remove eyelash extensions if you can’t get to the salon?

Our best advice would always be to have your lash extensions removed by an experienced lash technician. This will help to avoid damage to your lashes and your eyes.

However, we understand this isn’t always possible. You might be between appointments, taking a break from lash extensions or want a completely fresh set. That’s why we want to give you some general guidance on how to remove your lash extensions.

Removing your lash extensions

First of all, don’t pick, pull or pluck at your lash extensions in order to remove them. Not only will this be painful for you, the chances are you’re going to take your own lashes along with the extensions. They’ll take a little while to grow back (depending on your hair growth cycle) so you really do want to avoid this.

Picking and pulling at your lashes can actually damage your lashes – or at least slow the growth of them – in the longer term. If you’ve spent months getting used to the look of full, fluttery lashes then having less lashes than you started out with is probably not what you’re looking to do.

Cutting or trimming your lashes to remove them is a really bad idea too. The chances are that this will also damage your own lashes. Scissors near your eye isn’t something you probably want to be doing either, however steady your hand is.

Removal Steps

So, now we’ve talked about what not to do, let’s talk about how to remove your eyelash extensions:

  1. Take a hot shower. Lash extension aftercare rule number one is to avoid hot baths and showers 24-48 hours after getting a fresh set to stop your lash extensions from being compromised. Since you want to do the exact opposite, it’s time to hop in the shower. A hot shower should help loosen your lashes, as well as make it easier for any stragglers to head on their way without too much intervention. Remember, even if they’re loose don’t pull at your lashes as this can damage your own eyes and spread bacteria from your lashes to your face.
  1. Get oiled up. The second golden rule of lash extension aftercare is to avoid using products that contain oils on your eye area. The oils in many products and moisturisers can affect the integrity of the lash glue. To start the process of removing your lash extensions, grab an oil-based cleanser. Start out by double-cleansing your face in the usual manner, followed by really gentle, circular motions around your eye area to start to dissolve the lash glue. Take it easy and don’t try and rush things.
  1. Invest in a lash glue dissolver.  To dissolve a professional product, it’s worth investing in a product that’s actually designed to remove it safely and effectively. That’s where lash glue dissolver comes in. It causes a (safe) chemical reaction which loosens the bond between the lash extension and your own lashes. To apply the dissolver, simply apply to your lashes using a cotton pad. You need to take precautions with this and be really careful to avoid getting it in your eyes. They’re sensitive and we are talking about using chemicals in the eye area here.

Post-removal lash care

It’s worth remembering that none of these tips are likely to be instant fixes. You might need to repeat some, or all, of these steps over the course of a few nights. It’s definitely something to be patient about. The skin around your eyes, your eyes themselves and your lashes are all really delicate.

Now that you know how to remove your lash extensions, you need to take care of your own lashes post-removal too. Cleansing your lashes with a specialist product, especially formulated for use on your eyes, is a great idea after you take your lash extensions off. This can help you to avoid infection or soreness, as well as remove any excess lash glue left on your lashes.

A lash serum is a great idea to help repair and replenish your lashes too, as well as being careful when applying and removing your make up after removal. You’ll want to put your own lashes under as little stress and strain as possible after you remove your lash extensions. Give them a little TLC. Lash serums can help with the appearance of fuller, thicker and glossier natural eyelashes.

You may need to wait for a full lash growth cycle (around 4-5 weeks) to see the impact of using a lash serum. You can even use them on your brows too if you feel like they’re a little sparse. Along with most beauty routines, it pays to be consistent so build it into your daily skincare routine if you can.

It’s best to avoid adding glue-on false lashes. Lash curlers (especially mechanical ones which can be damaging, even to healthy lashes) or lots of mascara to try and disguise any weak lashes or gaps as this could cause irritation or impede natural lash growth. Magnetic lashes and eyeliner could be a better choice. They don’t adhere to your lashes, instead attaching to your lash line using tiny magnets. You know your natural lashes and what they can withstand the best so you need to make a judgment call

Last, but not least

If you’re not sure about the upkeep, maintenance, and how to remove eyelash extensions in the longer term – it can be an expensive habit to maintain. You can always consider a lash lift to give you the appearance of longer, curlier and fuller lashes.

Overall, lash extensions are high-maintenance and removing them is no different. Try and get them taken off by a professional. If this isn’t possible, then you can try the steps above to try and remove your lash extensions at home. Our best advice is to do it safely, carefully and slowly if need be.